Open Water Certification

 The Open Water certification process is completed and can be paid for in 3 separate steps. 

Step 1 The link to sign up for the online open water eLearning course is found here  

$100.00 down to receive the eLearning code, student folder, and log book. I prefer all students initially meet me at the office (AKA my house) to go over any questions or concerns before beginning the course. If meeting is difficult due to time or travel constraints, I have emailed the code in the past, and can accept credit cards or PayPal online. The link for paying through PayPal is located at the bottom of this page. Not sure if online learning is for you? Try the SDI demo course link to your right. If your still not comfortable with online training after attempting the demo course, let me know. It's been a few years, but I promise I can still teach a Power Point version of the course!

Step 2 eLearning review, equipment setup, dive table exercises, pool sessions

$300.00 Find the training calendar link at the top of this page. Where you see open days means I'm available for instruction. Call, email, or text me with your preferred meeting time and I'll add you to the calendar. At the office, we'll need about 2 hours to go over the eLearning course and any questions that you have. We'll also go over the use of dive tables, and run a few simulated dives. You'll observe and set up the tank, BC, and regulator a few times before we head out to the pool. Finally, we'll fit you for mask, boots, fins, and wetsuit. The pool (AKA my backyard), has a 8' deep end and a light (meaning classes often are taught at odd hours!) At a minimum, you'll have to complete 2 (approximately 3 hour) pool sessions. I say minimum as pool sessions are not complete until your ready for the Open Water dives. 

Step 3  Open Water certification dives

$249.00  Check out the training calendar again and decide when you want to complete your dives. Unlike the pool though, I only conduct these during daylight hours! Your first 3 dives will be conducted in a private quarry locally that has training platforms and great visibility.  Your final dive can either be in the lake off my boat or kayak to give you some true open water experience. We'll need about 5 hours the first day in which we'll conduct your first 3 dives. As long as everything goes well and all skills are completed, we'll only need about 2 hours for your final dive on a separate day. Since LCD is an SDI Training Facility with a card printer on site, you'll walk out the door with your certification card in hand following completion of your final checkout dive. 


SDI Open Water Course Standards

Please click the link below for the SDI Open Water Diver course standards. If you have questions on the skills required to complete the course, they are listed here. Not cool with downloading stuff? Here's the link to the page

SDI Diver Standards_07_Open_Water_Scuba_Diver (pdf)